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From time to time we will organize special promotions to give you the chance to earn even more LV Points at higher percentage rate. Keep up to date with our latest promotions - check LV BET website regularly and your email, to get the most out of our exclusive deals.

Terms & Conditions:
  • 1. Each player collects LV Points by playing on our website for real money
  • 2. The minimum number of LV Points that can be exchanged for cash is 100. Each 100 LV Points can be exchanged for 5 PLN.
  • 3. Funds from exchange LV Points are not subject to turnover.
  • 4. Every 25 PLN played is 1 point.
  • 5 W przypadku zwrotu środków oraz anulowania postawionego zakładu, naliczone za taki zakład punkty są automatycznie odejmowane z puli zgromadzonych LV Punktów.
  • 6. Points can be accumulated by playing pre-match and live betting.
  • 7. Collected LV Points never expire.
  • 8. LV BET reserves the rights to change the T&Cs or discontinue the promotion at its sole discretion.
How it works?

Play for
lv points!

Why collect Pokemons if you can LV Points? Go!

You can go round and round for hundred miles and try to catch virtual monsters. But why, oh why? You can also sit back and get something extra, something real, every time you play with us! LV Points double the excitement and great fun.

Play with LV BET, collect points and exchange them for real cash!

The more you play,
the more you get!!

Play and collect!

LV Points give you more fun with every bet you place. Points are generated based on percentage system. Each 25 PLN played equals 1 point. Simple as that!

As simple as that!

Gradually added points will eventually become a large sum. Then you can exchange them for great prizes! I guess there is no Pikachu there, but nobody says “no” to extra cash, right?

Count me

LV Points - sounds interesting? Great!

Where can you sign up? Consider done!

From the very first bet on our site you will automatically start earning LV Points. No need to tick extra boxes or fill in any forms. Really, just play and earn points.

At any time you can check points status in your account. Log in to your account and click on LV POINTS tab at the bottom of the website.

100 lv points
= 5 PLN!

LV Points exchange. Get them all!

You can easily exchange your LV Points for REAL CASH - 100 LV Points are worth 5 PLN. While logged in, just press EXCHANGE button on the left and voilà! Cash is immediately available in your LV BET account.

Take care of playing. We will take care of the rest.