Responsible gaming

The customer registration process and the prohibition of betting on persons under 18 years of age

  • Making bets by persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. For this purpose, the Company will verify age and identity before allowing the potential participant to the game.
  • Participation in mutual wagering offered on the website can only be taken by registered customers, and their registration is possible only after reading the Terms and Conditions of online mutual betting and the Terms and Conditions of responsible gaming.
  • The organizer verifies the age of the participants, providing protection against participation of minors. The procedure of registration and verification of the age and identity of a potential participant of the game is described in the Terms and Conditions of the game (betting) available at The company operates the above-mentioned actions in particular through the following regulations:
    • Bets in the domain can be made after the correct registration of the customer, which may be full or preliminary registration. Pre-registration allows the LV Customer to receive a temporary account. Full registration, including verification of the Customer’s personal data, his age, PESEL number, and in the case of people who do not have this number - date of birth, allows only the full functionality of the website and the Customer to obtain a permanent account (except for the payment of funds). from the LV permanent account, the making of which is conditional on the assignment to the LV permanent account of the account belonging to the Customer, referred to in §1 section 9 letter f of the Regulations of mutual wagering organized via the Internet).
    • Temporary LVaccount is an account created by the Client in the initial registration procedure. Due to its temporary nature, there are limits to the maximum amount of the sum of the stakes on which bets can be placed. The sum of all stakes for which bets can be made using the LVKontemporary account may not exceed a total of 8.000 zł (eight thousand zlotys). No deposits, winnings or other funds can be withdrawn from the LV Temporary Account. Any withdrawals of deposits and winnings and other funds are possible only after the conversion of the temporary LV account into the permanent LV account, which takes place after the Customer has completed full registration. If you create a temporary LV Account and do not complete registration on within 30 days from its creation, the temporary LVKonto after 30 days from its creation is suspended until you complete registration and obtain the status of a permanent LV Account, while the above-mentioned the 30-day period starts to run from:
      • on 01/09/2022 in relation to all temporary LVKonto existing on on that day,
      • the day of setting up a temporary LV account - after 01/09/2022.

    • In order to pre-register and obtain a temporary LVaccount, the Customer is obliged to complete the pre-registration form in the domain and provide the actual data:
      • first and last name,
      • PESEL number (if the customer has it),
      • date of birth and address of residence (if you do not have a PESEL number),
      • e-mail adress,
      • mobile phone number.

      A temporary LVaccount is opened after verification of the e-mail address or mobile phone number provided by the Customer.

    • In order to properly complete the registration and obtain a permanent LVaccount, the Customer is obliged to:
      • correctly complete the full registration form located in the domain,
      • attach to the form a double-sided scan or photograph of your ID card or passport, or authenticate using the remote authentication services available on the website that enable such remote authentication, including age verification, (“mylD” network service) - then without the need to send a scan or image of an ID card,
      • in the case of a foreigner, he is obliged to attach a passport, in each case with visible personal data and the number of this identity card,
      • or go to any stationary point where the full registration process can be done using the service of such point.

    • A color scan or photo of a personal ID or passport mentioned above, should contain legible fields containing the following data:
      • full name,
      • date of birth,
      • PESEL number (if included),
      • Identity card or passport number,
      • expiry date.

    • Details other than mentioned in the previous point may be obscured or crossed out by the Customer. The company reserves the right to reject a broken or damaged ID document sent for verification of LVaccount.
    • In the case of registration at a betting shop, the Client is obliged to present a personal ID or passport, and in the case of a foreigner - a passport, in order to verify provided personal details and the age of the Customer, by the shop employee and to enter a scan of such a document into the system.
    • The customer is responsible for the correctness and genuineness of all data which he will provide to the Company at the time of registration and is obliged to update the given data in case they change.
    • By opening LVaccount, the Customer declares that before its conclusion, he has read these Regulations and accepts its provisions, and the data provided by him is true and that he is 18 years of age.
    • The Company reserves the right to refuse to open a temporary LVaccount or a permanent LVaccount for the Client.
    • If the Company has doubts as to the accuracy of the data entered in the temporary registration form, the Company may refuse to create a temporary LVaccount for the Customer and condition the use of the website from the opening of a permanent LVaccount by the Customer in order to fully verify the Customer’s data.
    • For the purposes of security and customer identification, each customer will have a unique Login (username) and assigned security password, which will be used to log into LVaccount, and which the customer is always required to correctly fill in before logging in to LVaccount. The login cannot contain words or content generally recognized as vulgar, offensive or contrary to the rules of social coexistence.
    • The customer has the right to change his protective password under the security conditions determined earlier by the Company.
    • The customer is always obliged to use his / her identification data (login and password) to prevent their use and disclosure to third parties.

  • The company reserves, that all commercial information, promotional campaigns, advertisements, contests are addressed by the Company only to adults.

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